Logistics Software is the Ultimate Transportation Management Program

It’s difficult to think of an area of business that hasn’t benefited from SaaS offerings. And if you own a manufacturing company or plan on starting one, you may be familiar with truckload transportation management software, a form of logistics software that is available on both a SaaS model and as an internal software solution. The value of logistics software is typically discussed in relation to third party logistics (3PL), with its main benefits being that it offers logistics solutions at a significantly lower price than 3PL while offering more shipping options.

Logistics software offers the same logistics expertise as 3PL providers for a lower price because it’s priced as a software service and not as a logistics consulting service. It offers a broader range of shipping solutions because it doesn’t act as a business entity that prefers its own shipping solutions or the solutions of its associates. But there are also other benefits of using logistics software instead of 3PL; below, we take a look at three reasons why logistics software is the ultimate transportation management program.

Companies Can Become Their Own Logistics Providers

When shipping companies get large enough, they usually purchase their own shipping fleet and hire a team of logistics professionals to oversee it. But for small to midsize shipping companies, the financial necessity of outsourcing logistics means that they have to maintain a relationship with a 3PL that 3PL clients regularly characterize as being distant and disconnected, and it’s easy to see why. If you aren’t a logistics expert, it’s difficult to maintain a business dialogue within someone who is. But logistics software effectively places the power of the logistics function in the hands of shipping companies by providing an easy to use customer interface, making it an ideal transportation management program.

Companies Receive a Comprehensive Logistical Approach

There are four types of 3PL providers: standard 3PL providers, service developers, customer adapters and customer developers. But only customer developers offer a comprehensive approach that results in new shipping solutions. The problem? Cost wise, hiring a customer developer is essentially like hiring your own team of logistics professionals. And if you can’t afford that, then hiring a customer developer is a bad decision as well. Companies hire standard 3PL providers and service developers when they have a specific need, but not when they when they want the best systematic shipping process; and customer adapters are hired by companies that simply want their shipping process “managed”.

Companies can Significantly Reduce their Annual Shipping Costs

Research shows that companies that implement logistics software can reduce their annual shipping costs by 10 percent at the end of the first year. With the aid of logistics software, shippers typically pay more than they need to in freight transportation and a variety other costs commonly associated with the shipping process, including but not limited to: TMS software costs, annual software maintenance costs, gain shares, freight margins and common rate based licensing costs.

How To Get Cheap Website Traffic – The Bum Marketing Method Explained

Let’s face it, you need to get traffic to your website or you will never make a dime from it. The only problem is that most new marketers have no idea how to get cheap website traffic and they also don’t have a very large budget. This can make it a bit difficult to get the traffic you need, but not impossible. The bum marketing method is a great way to get not just cheap, but free website traffic. Read on to discover the bum marketing method.

Bum Marketing was created by Travis Sago and is a way that people are making lots of money without spending a single dime. The bum method includes writing article for traffic and turning that traffic into sales. The basic ideas behind bum marketing is to write your articles around a specific keyword phrase so that you can get listed on the search engines. Then, you will get traffic from the search engines and be able to create small traffic machines.

The keyword phrase you target needs to be one that people are using to search and needs to have little competition. This gives you the best chance to get listed on Google and other search engines. The advantage of this is that if you had a large amount of articles out there you could be getting a large amount of cheap website traffic. Cheap meaning that all the traffic costs you is some of your time to write the articles with the bum method.

Imagine if you wrote just one article each day for a year. You would have 365 little traffic machines creating a flood of traffic to your websites. Even if you only got 1 visitor a week from each article you would be getting 365 visits a week. If you convert one out of every 50 into a sale, then you would get about one sale each day. If each sale made you a $30 commission, then you would have created a lasting $210 income each week. Now imagine if you wrote 5 articles a day.

Cheap Website Traffic is Easy to Generate

How can you get cheap website traffic? There are a few easy ways to achieve this. One of the ways is ordering a few hundred articles from any freelance website. Once you have these written for you, you can either submit them to article directories or place them onto your own website. There are a few issues with this method. First of all, it may be hard to find a good and reliable writer who will create exciting, or even human readable articles.

Thus, you may have to spend time and money until you finally find someone who does their job well. Secondly, it will take time for the web search engines to index your articles. Thirdly, the articles that you place into an article directory will typically hold good Google positions only for a short time. Within weeks, they will start to decline, bringing you less and less traffic.

The other option is PPC (Pay per Click). You can bid on the cheapest keywords and get some cheap website traffic this way. The problem is that if you bid on the cheapest keywords, you will appear at the very bottom of the advertiser’s list, and your ad may not be noticed. Again, time and money spent, and not much result achieved.

One good way to get cheap traffic (it’s actually free) is by creating several potential viral videos and placing them onto YouTube, each having a strategic title. If you have not yet tried this method, you may want to consider it. It’s free, and if the video becomes popular, it will bring you more visitors as time goes by. There are some nice guides that can teach you how to generate traffic with a simple little video placed on a popular website.

Tips on Getting Cheap Website Traffic and Generating Leads

There are hundreds of different ways to get website traffic, and targeted visitors to generate leads for any business. What needs to be accomplished is getting the largest amount of targeted traffic to your website and most importantly cheap website traffic.

In this article we will cover a couple different ways to generate cheap website traffic as well as how to create targeted leads from that traffic.

Honestly, what you want to ask yourself first is, what do you want to take place when the y get to your website? Do you want to redirect them to another page? Do you want them to purchase a product, or do you want to collect some contact information? When planning out your website be sure to think about these questions and plan out your user experience.

The first strategy in getting cheap website traffic is to create a short report or eBook and submit it to a couple of different directories. Make sure to put the hyper link or URL of your website either in the body or at the end of the report, then submit it to directories like free-ebooks.net, scribd, docstoc and yudu.com. Make sure that you use the keywords that represent your product, service or website in the title and the keyword area of your entry. The key here is to create interest so make sure that you create a quality report delivering value. If people see that you are giving good information away for free they are more than likely to click through to your website.

Now let’s say that your website has more than one category, as most do. We’ll use excel training as an example. Because there are different versions of excel like Excel for Windows XP and Windows Vista, if you are writing content and submitting it to directories, make sure that you are linking directly to the page within your website that pertains to that keyword and not the main domain of your website. This is a real effective way to get cheap web traffic as they will land on the page that directly pertains to their interest.

The next strategy for getting cheap website traffic is actually renting email lists from companies that have a large database of double opt in leads. These are usually very targeted and can be a little spendy to get started with. I know this is counterintuitive to the cheap website traffic approach but in the long run, this method will generate targeted leads for very cheap compared to hiring a SEO company or running Pay Per click especially if you don’t know what your doing in that arena.

Now, how to turn those visitors into leads. Make sure that you are directing them to the specific page on your website that pertains to their interests and give them an offer they can’t refuse in exchange for their contact information. The contact information can be anything from just an email address to their name email address, phone number, address, income level etc. With that said that less that you ask for in the process the better conversions you will get.

If you think about your lead generation process and planning it out you most surely be able to generate cheap website traffic.

Cheap Website Traffic From Google AdWords

Let’s make this clear: cheap website traffic does not mean free website traffic, and in this article I will concern myself with getting cheap website traffic using Google AdWords. Anything dealing with the notion of free web site traffic falls outside the purview of this article.

Google AdWords and Cheap Website Traffic

The first thing in the process is to understand how much we pay for Google AdWords keywords?

Actually, the amount we pay for Google AdWords keywords is never the amount that we placed our bid for. We almost always end up paying less than what we bade for.


Actually, you only pay 1 percent more than what person below you have bid for the keyword, not the maximum amount you bid for. In this regard, Google AdWords keywords auction work more or less like an e-bay auction.

The second thing that matters in the rate is click through rate (CTR). As the matter of fact, this plays a more important role in deciding if you will get the keyword or not than the amount you wrote in bid. The more relevant your website is for the searchers of that particular keyword the lesser money you will pay for the keywords.

In many situations, just an increase of 1% in CTR means a drop in as much as 50% in the price you pay for the keyword. Hence, if you want cheap website traffic from Google AdWords then it is important for you to increase the click through rate and make you content and website as tightly focused around the keyword as possible.

The third thing in the process is to measure what works and what doesn’t. Keep shuffling the ad copy until you perfect your system, and reuse the things that work. The higher your click through rate will go the cheaper your web traffic will become. Eventually, it may reach a level that you consider is as free web site traffic

Your high click through rate will also push your ads upward for the chosen keywords because for Google, this is not just about your cheap website traffic for you, but it is about real money.